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step-by-step digital courses that take the guesswork out of baby sleep!

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  • Easy-to-digest¬†courses with simplified visuals & real-life takeaways
  • From¬†losing your mind to¬†feeling empowered with tools that WORK, period.
  • Join¬†over 10,000¬†parents who have transformed their child's sleep, and their lives.¬†

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the right tools and support + lots of practice add up to BIG wins. 

Whether you're a new sleep-deprived parent or a seasoned parent who needs help troubleshooting a sleep issue (or anyone in between), my sleep guidance can address it!

I offer digital courses and 1-on-1 customized email support that give you step-by-step advice and the necessary tools to get your child sleeping 10-12 hours through the night independently over time, so the whole family can get the restorative rest they need (and you can get your nights back!). Learn more about each option below.  

0-3 MONTHS - Newborn Course
4-18 MONTHS - Sleep Training Course
0-18 MONTHS BUNDLE - Newborn + Sleep Training
18MO - 3YR - Toddler Sleep Training
EMAIL SUPPORT - Customized help with Dr. Aubrie

0-3 Months Newborn Sleep Foundations

newborn sleep education course

‚ÄčA detailed digital course with everything you need to create great sleep habits for your baby from day one. It includes:

  • Education on the basics of baby sleep
  • Example schedules, routines, goals, and transitions
  • Recommended sleep products
  • Tools to meet baby's needs without creating habits you'll later need to break
  • Troubleshooting guidance as issues or developmental milestones arise

4-18 Months Sleep Training Course

The "Baby Sleep Dr. Method" is a 14-day, gradual sleep training program

‚ÄčA comprehensive¬†digital course with everything you need to help your baby become an independent sleeper, no matter where you are in the process.

  • Education on baby sleep basics
  • Step-by-step sleep training instructions on how to get your child to sleep 10-12 hours through the night independently over time (fall & get back to sleep on their own)
  • Tools to handle changing sleep transitions
  • How to avoid or remove unhelpful sleep¬†associations
  • How to handle night feeds, wakings, and weaning¬†night feeds
  • Example ideal schedules and routines
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

The "First 18 Months" Course Bundle

SAVE 15% when you bundle my two top-selling courses!

This all-in-one baby sleep course bundle helps your baby become an independent sleeper over time, with guidance for babies 0-18 months. It includes access to my 0-3 Months Newborn Foundations Sleep Course AND my 4-18 Months Sleep Training Course, in an easy-to-digest, convenient digital format.

  • Basics of¬†newborn sleep to lay a healthy foundation¬†before being able to sleep train at 4 months¬†
  • the proven 14-day, gradual "Baby Sleep Dr. Method" sleep training program (sleep 10-12 hours a night over time!)
  • In-depth nap training flow charts¬†
  • Example ideal schedules and routines
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

18 Months - 3 Years Toddler Sleep Course 

The "Baby Sleep Dr. Method" is a 14-day, gradual sleep training program

A comprehensive¬†digital course with¬†everything you need¬†to help your¬†toddler (18 months - 3 years) become an independent sleeper, no matter where you are in the process.‚Äč

  • Step-by-step sleep training instructions on how to¬†help¬†your child to sleep¬†10-12 hours through the night independently¬†¬†
  • Tools to handle changing sleep transitions like¬†removing naps & transitioning to a bed
  • Removing unhelpful sleep¬†associations & weaning feeds
  • How to handle toddler bedtime¬†battles: stalling, separation anxiety, leaving the room, crib-climbing, and¬†night wakings
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

Let's Talk Success, Baby! 

Dr. Aubrie is amazing! She made me feel extremely supported and created the perfect plan for my daughter. Sleep training made me very nervous, but I am SO glad I trusted Dr. Aubrie. She truly knows exactly what she is doing. We are 5 days in and my daughter is sleeping all night, putting herself to sleep, and even putting herself back to sleep after short naps! AMAZING! If you’re thinking about it...DO IT! Dr. Aubrie will prepare and support you!

- Byanka H.

After struggling to get our little one to sleep between 6-8w without our help, I was desperate to find information on sleep methods safe for a newborn. I’m so glad I found the Newborn Sleep Guide from Dr. Aubrie as it has truly helped us turn a corner in less than 1 week! The guide has provided us with useful information and methods to help us all get more sleep and has allowed us to start implementing healthy sleep habits early on. Our daughter is now put down awake and is able to put herself to sleep at 9wo. I would definitely recommend! 

- Chanelle H. 

My husband got the baby guide when our baby was only around 4 weeks old. However, I started reading it and did not start using it until the baby was 10 weeks old for a variety of reasons ( I was very skeptical). After all, it was just 10 weeks of no sleeping, no peace and a fuzzy baby. I do know that our baby was colicky and she had a lot of tummy issues. (Allergies to lactose). However, I noticed that once we got her stomach issues under control, the baby started to beg for the breast to go to sleep or she would want us to carry her until she felt sleep. In the first weeks that’s fine, but babies get heavy and bad props are a thing. I do know that at the beginning we had to do everything to comfort the baby and with everything else happening I felt that it was going to last for a really long time. However, I decided to revisit the guide and it’s insane how this guide taught me how to deal with my baby. I started following all the guidance and advice and on day 2 baby slept the entire night. I could not believe it. The key for this guide to work is consistency and patience. The baby will cry for a little bit, but I feel like it’s worst to hear a baby crying way more for the lack of rocking or not having the breast there. People worry about 4-week regression and things like that when I think the key is to set a good sleep foundation and that is what the guide teaches you.

- Luzvic B.