0-3 Months Newborn Sleep Foundations Course

Conquer the newborn phase like a pro & set your baby up for sleep success 

The everything-you-need course to help your newborn 0-3 months sleep better & longer; including step-by-step tools for developing independent sleep habits, tips, tricks, and ideal schedules & routines, plus lots of troubleshooting for common newborn sleep issues.


Are you exhausted?

Perfect newborn sleep doesn’t exist, but knowing the basics + lots of practice adds up to BIG wins.   

All parents going through the newborn stage can feel defeated at some point - and that’s completely normal. But there IS actually a lot you can do to move your baby’s sleep in the right direction to make your life easier and their health & development better. 

Whether you’re...

  • pregnant and looking to get ahead of the game and study up on newborn sleep...
  • a brand new parent who is tired and frustrated AF looking for some guidance...
  • a seasoned parent with awesome older sibling sleepers who is now like WTH with your new little bundle…
  • any parent who simply wants to set their newborn up for successful sleep that will last a lifetime...

This easy-to-navigate course will teach you everything you need to know about newborn sleep from A to Z, broken down into digestible modules & visuals that take the *OMG this is overwhelming* out of the equation… because we’re all tired & time-deprived. 

Moms, dads, and all caregivers can leave with concrete takeaways from the first few lessons of this all-in course. No matter the reasons that led you to this course, just reading through here means you’re a rockstar parent or caregiver and on your way to creating healthy sleep for your little nugget!

Just remember: you’re not alone and help is available! Healthy sleep creates well-adjusted, well-developed, happy babies, and my "0-3 Months Newborn Sleep Foundations" course will help you feel prepped & ready to make sleep a priority for your baby.


This course is the

ultimate guide

if you want to:

  • Learn the basics of baby sleep that remain important into toddlerhood
  • Gain specific tools & tips to create healthy sleep habits before being able to sleep train at 4 months (and often avoid it altogether!)
  • Understand how to soothe & meet a baby’s needs without creating habits you’ll later need to break
  • View ideal schedules, routines, goals, and transitions to practice with your baby
  • Have a concrete troubleshooting resource to refer back to as various sleep issues and developmental milestones pop up

Your secret weapon for newborn sleep

6 easy-to-digest sections with real-life takeaways you can use right now

Each module contains specific, practical education and instruction, simple visuals you can screenshot to save on your phone, and a key-takeaways roundup at the end of each section to remind you of the most important points! Dive into a sneak peek of everything I cover in my newborn sleep course:  


Let's Talk Success, Baby! 

This guide was life changing for our family! As a first time mom, you think that your newborn will just sleep all the time and go down easily. Well, that wasn’t the case for us. This guide gave us insight to a healthy sleep routine for our daughter and she has been so much happier ever since. Highly recommend!

- Kristina F. 

After struggling to get our little one to sleep between 6-8w without our help, I was desperate to find information on sleep methods safe for a newborn. I’m so glad I found the Newborn Sleep Guide from Dr. Aubrie as it has truly helped us turn a corner in less than 1 week! The guide has provided us with useful information and methods to help us all get more sleep and has allowed us to start implementing healthy sleep habits early on. Our daughter is now put down awake and is able to put herself to sleep at 9wo. I would definitely recommend!

- Chanelle H.

I would like to start off by saying how grateful I am to have found Dr. Aubrie and her amazing Newborn & Infant Sleep Guide! As a new mother I was completely lost on what to do once I brought my baby boy home from the hospital, as I have never even heard what a “wake window” was! Her sleep guide not only walked me through what I needed to do, but it also explained to me why I am doing what she is recommending. It gave great guidance on the amount of sleep my baby needs, wake windows, sleepy cues, sleep schedules, naps, and night sleep. It also gave me the tools I needed to promote healthy sleeping habits for when it came time to sleep train. I am proud to say that my baby slept through the night at 13 weeks and started connecting long naps around 14 weeks (don't give up, it will happen)! I will definitely be recommending Dr. Aubrie to everyone I know that is having a baby or combating sleeping issues.

- Brianna H.

Why wait when this newborn sleep course sets you up with:

  • Gentle tactics that can help your newborn learn valuable sleep skills
  • Comprehensive info that covers ideal behaviors, plus tons of troubleshooting guidance
  • Lifetime access to a convenient, searchable digital course you can read at your own pace
  • Easy-to-digest info that's practical and can be used right away & works better the more you practice!
  • Expert product recommendations that assist you in achieving your baby sleep goals

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