4-18 Months Baby Sleep Training Course

Everything you need to support your baby through learning to sleep independently

An in-depth digital course to help your baby sleep through the night in their own space; including the proven 14-day "Baby Sleep Dr. Method" of sleep training, example schedules & routines, plus lots of troubleshooting guidance for the most common sleep issues


What can I expect from this course?

Advice that helps you feel confident about exactly how to handle sleep struggles. From bedtime to night wakings, naps, early mornings, and everything in between - I'll walk you through it all, step-by-step. 

  • Education on developmentally-based baby sleep basics to look at sleep as a whole (hint: most sleep struggles are related!)
  • Access to my proprietary 14-day gradual sleep training process called "The Baby Sleep Dr. Method"
  • Exact step-by-step instructions on how to support your child  through learning to sleep independently (fall asleep & get back to sleep without your help)
  • How to handle changing sleep transitions (the when, how, why)
  • Removes unhelpful sleep associations (i.e. you want to stop feeding, rocking, holding to sleep, etc.).
  • Exactly how to handle bedtime, night feeds, night wakings, & weaning night feeds
  • Example schedules & routines based on developmental needs

Tired of losing sleep?

Perfect baby sleep doesn’t exist, but having the right tools + lots of practice adds up to BIG wins and essential rest.

Let’s be honest, the early infancy and baby phase can be totally frustrating and confusing because sleep is constantly evolving. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your baby decides to switch up their routine just as you felt you had things under control. We’ve all been there. Welcome to baby sleep...

Whether you’re...

  • a brand new parent who is tired and frustrated AF looking for some guidance...
  • a parent who had an amazing sleeper that’s all of a sudden up all night
  • a parent with a baby who sleeps well, but has a habit to break *goodbye paci*
  • a seasoned parent with awesome older sibling sleepers who’s now like WTF is happening?!
  • any parent who simply wants to help their baby become a healthy, independent sleeper

This all-in guide walks you step-by-step through how to get your child to sleep independently, broken down into digestible portions & visuals that take the *OMG this is overwhelming* out of the equation… because we’re all tired & time-deprived. 

Just remember: you’re not alone and help is available! Healthy sleep creates well-adjusted, well-developed, happy babies, and my 4-18 Month Baby Sleep Training Course takes the guesswork out so you can feel confident in tackling the baby sleep hurdle, no matter where you are in the process.


This course is the

ultimate guide

if you want to:

  • Support your child through the journey of sleeping through the night for 9-12 uninterrupted hours, without the guesswork
  • Understand how to soothe & meet a baby’s needs without creating habits you’ll later want to change
  • Have a concrete troubleshooting resource to refer back to as various sleep issues and developmental milestones pop up.
  • Have some time to yourself in the evenings and during naps after sleep goes from a major struggle to easy, peasy!
  • Allow anyone to be able to put your little one down for sleep (hello nana, babysitter, or siblings!)

Your secret weapon for baby sleep

8 easy-to-digest sections with real-life takeaways you can use right now

Each section contains specific, practical education and instruction, simple visuals you can screenshot to save on your phone, and a key-takeaways roundup at the end of each section to remind you of the most important points! Dive into a sneak peek of everything I cover in my 4-18 Month Baby sleep Training Course:


Let's Talk Success, Baby! 

Amazing work!!! Totally recommend.  Aubrie guided our family to learn how to move from the kids needing our physical presence to fall asleep (our hand or sleeping in the bed with them!) to do it completely independently. That was sure a huge improvement for the physical and mental health of all members of our family.

- Tatiana V.

Thank goodness for Dr Aubrie’s sleep guide! My 5 month old daughter was waking up frequently throughout the night and not sleeping in her crib. Now, she sleeps 9-11 hours in her crib and will put herself back to sleep! I wish I would’ve found Dr Aubrie earlier.

- Michelle C.

I followed the advice in your guide and changed my baby's schedule, and within two nights, he was sleeping through the night! It's been a week now and he's still sleeping from 7pm-7am. Thank you and your guide!!

- Stephanie J.

My husband got the baby guide when our baby was only around 4 weeks old. However, I started reading it and did not start using it until the baby was 10 weeks old for a variety of reasons ( I was very skeptical). After all, it was just 10 Weeks of no sleeping, no peace and a fuzzy baby. I do know that our baby was colicky and she had a lot of tummy issues. (Allergies to lactose). However, I noticed that once we got her stomach issues under control, the baby started to beg for the breast to go to sleep or she would want us to carry her until she felt sleep. In the first weeks that’s fine, but babies get heavy and bad props are a thing. I do know that at the beginning we had to do everything to comfort the baby and with everything else happening I felt that it was going to last for a really long time. However, I decided to revisit the guide and it’s insane how this guide taught me how to deal with my baby. I started following all the guidance and advice and on day 2 baby slept the entire night. I could not believe it. The key for this guide to work is consistency and patience. The baby will cry for a little bit, but I feel like it’s worst to hear a baby crying way more for the lack of rocking or not having the breast there. People worry about 4 week regression and things like that when I think the key is to set a good sleep foundation and that is what the guide teaches you.

- Luzvic B.

Why wait when this baby sleep course sets you up with:

  • Responsive tactics that teach your baby independent sleep skills & healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. 
  • Comprehensive info that covers ideal behaviors, plus tons of troubleshooting guidance.
  • Lifetime access to convenient digital content you can read at your own pace.
  • Easy-to-digest info that's practical and can be used right away.
  • Expert product recommendations that assist you in achieving your baby's sleep goals.

What else ya got?

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