What Do Moms Actually Want For Mother's Day? 5,000 Moms Answered...

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What Do Moms Actually Want For Mother's Day? 5,000 Moms Answered...

When it comes to Mother’s Day, loved ones tend to assume they know what moms want. We are given flowers, perhaps breakfast in bed, maybe presents from a partner or kids (and those things are kind, of course). But, is anyone really asking moms what we want for “Mother’s Day?” Every year, I see gift guides and products and tips for the moms in our lives and I’m often wondering who put the gift guides together, because it kind of feels like it wasn’t a mom (or at least not a mom of infants or toddlers). 

This made me curious. I decided to put a question box up in my Instagram stories to ask the hundreds of thousands of moms who are part of the Baby Sleep Dr. community what THEY view as the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. If they could have anything in the world, what would they want? 

I got thousands of responses. And the most interesting part is that they were all really simple. And they were all really similar. And it made me even more convinced that no one is actually asking moms (or again, at least moms of infants and toddlers) what would make them happy on this one day a year that is meant to honor them. 

Below, I’m going to detail the top 10 gifts that moms of infants and toddlers said they wanted. This is a guide that should be passed around to partners, friends, co-workers, and anyone who really wants to make a mom’s day and show her how valued and appreciated she is every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. To be honest, the answers broke my heart just a little. But they also made me love moms even more for how selfless and magical they are! And I know partners and loved ones WANT the moms in their lives to feel special, so this guide is here to help!

You go moms, and I hope you share this list with whoever needs to see it in your life. And if you’ve been sent this list…. Hint hint 🙂

1. Sleep - to sleep in late, to take naps, to rest all day (the theme here was exhaustion)

Now you may be wondering, how can I give someone sleep? Well, I’m glad you asked! If we are talking about your partner, let her know the night before that you’ll be covering any night wakings as well as the entire morning so that she can turn off her alarm and sleep until however late she wants (or as late as is possible in your situation). If we are talking about a family member or friend who is currently struggling with baby sleep OR is expecting a baby soon, make sure to check out my digital sleep courses. 

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2. A spa day, massage, or manicure/pedicure 

The theme here is a little self-care! We are probably talking about the mom who never takes a day to pamper herself, and a day (or even just one service) would go so far in helping her feel like herself again. This is a great one to go in on with multiple people and can also be a gift certificate that can be used at any time in the future. Take the lead and reach out to a few friends or family members and make it happen for the special mom in your life!

3. Pictures with their baby or family photos

So many moms feel like they aren’t really visible in pictures with their babies as they’re growing up (myself included!). Moms are constantly taking pictures of their baby, and other people with their baby, but it’s not often someone else takes the initiative to capture mom with her baby. This is such a sweet idea and can be free (offer to have a little iPhone photo shoot and help mom get dressed up, or maybe matching outfits for mom & baby, along with taking some pictures), or if you want to splurge, a professional shoot with mom and baby, or a family shoot. 

4. A clean house or cleaning service

Again this is such a great one because it can be totally free if you’re up for the challenge of a true deep clean, or you can easily find a service to do a deep cleaning and help mom feel at ease and relaxed in her sparkling home (even if only for a day!). 

5. To not make any decisions or meals all-day

One simple thing that’s overlooked so often that moms are responsible for is the never-ending list of decisions that have to be made in a day: like what to make for every meal and snack for the baby or family, family scheduling, etc. This is another great gift that doesn’t cost a thing! Wake mom up with a sweet note that says “There’s nothing you have to think of for today, just whatever YOU feel like doing - I’ve got everything else covered, including all meals for you and the family today.” Or some variation of that…

6. A car detail

Moms’ cars tend to be a hot mess - with crumbs, drool or spit up, enough random clothing items to make an entire closet, and who knows what else everywhere! Getting into a beautifully smelling, sparkling car is a dream! Again, can be done by the person giving the gift or professionally done. 

7. Dinner delivery (pick food from her favorite restaurant or give a gift card for a delivery service)

Having mom’s favorite food delivered for dinner, or a gift card that she can use on a night she just absolutely couldn’t imagine cooking goes such a long way! And even though it can be a gift card, it’s still something that’s useful and thoughtful that she will absolutely appreciate. 

8. Something sentimental like a video slideshow

As much as we can feel touched out, need time alone, or be so excited when the kids are finally in bed, we are ALSO obsessed with nothing more than pictures and videos of our little nuggets! This costs nothing, but has so much effort and thought behind it and can be enjoyed over, and over again. 

9. Coffee and/or The Ember Mug (so the coffee isn’t always cold)

We all know moms are tired, and therefore: caffeine. Unless the mom in your life somehow has energy without caffeine, but… huh?! Try finding an elevated coffee brand like VitaCup that adds extra vitamins and superfoods into their coffees for an extra little energy boost for mom. And if the mom in your life doesn’t have an Ember mug, what are you waiting for?! It’s a worldwide issue that we moms are never able to drink our coffees hot and this is a life-changing product!! 

10. A staycation alone

A vacation is always welcomed, but a staycation is super underrated for how much of a refresher this can be for mom. This could be (ideally) at a hotel close to home, or even in another (off-limits) room in the house that can be made up special to feel like a hotel/spa experience at home. Mom can have a bath, stay in bed watching tv, light an amazing-smelling candle, and do nothing but eat and relax with no responsibilities whatsoever - heaven! Bonus if the staycation at home includes taking the kids out for a few hours for a completely silent home. 

Did those answers surprise you? Because they were right on par with things that I would love and I didn’t find them surprising in the least! Did I get some responses dedicated to spending time with children or more of the traditional gifts, like flowers or breakfast in bed? Sure! But the overwhelming majority were those top 10 things included above. 

The good news? Some of these things are so easy, many are completely free, and all of them can be SO impactful to a mom who is in need of a day to really only worry about herself. Especially since every other day is dedicated to worrying about and caring for others. 

Even though I already knew so many of these things would be helpful, seeing them written out in a list like this makes it so inspiring to send some love in meaningful ways to the moms in my own life that I care so much about, and I hope it helps you, too! And if you opt to go the more traditional route with flowers and the like, please know that it will still be appreciated. Anything that shows someone is thinking of a mom and trying to brighten her day is meaningful. But if you’re looking to take it to the next level and really give the mom in your life something that would be unexpectedly amazing, this list is a great starting point (you can even show it to her and let her choose!). 

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