$149.00 USD

Email Support Package

Children 0-4 years

Perfect for those looking to solve a specific or unique issue with individualized help, OR those who already own a Baby Sleep Dr. guide but want some personalized support added on. You'll be prompted to fill out a comprehensive intake questionnaire that details where you are currently in your sleep journey, what you're struggling with, and what your goals are. You will receive a detailed response email with personalized tips and guidance within 72-hours of completing your questionnaire. Dr. Aubrie reviews questionnaires and sends emails during business hours Monday-Friday. Here are some examples of specific questions you may have and want to include in your intake form:

  • Why does my baby wake before 6 am?
  • How do I lengthen naps?
  • What is causing my child's new night wakings?
  • How can I help my child stay in their room at night?

You will receive specific tips and tools to get sleep on track based on the issues, goals, and your family's needs indicated in your questionnaire.

This email support package is limited to a 30-day time frame with a start date that begins once the initial response email has been sent, and includes:

  • Two (2) comprehensive and personalized email responses. The first email will be sent within 72 hours after completion of both the contract and intake questionnaire.
  • The second email will be sent only if you, the client, sends a follow up email requesting additional guidance.

DISCLAIMER: Providing parent support through digital resources, e-mail/text, and video consultations do NOT constitute individualized medical advice or therapy. E-mail and video consultations should not replace individualized medical advice from your child’s physician or treatment in a formal therapeutic setting. A medical provider should clear any babies with medical issues, on medication, or under the care of a medical professional before beginning any sleep training processes. This guidance is highly dependent on the caregiver for results, and as such, no refunds will be offered after the email exchange. Click to learn more about our refund policy & terms and conditions