Personalized Support

Transform your child's sleep with 1-on-1 guidance from Dr. Aubrie 

30-Minute Q&A Call

Perfect for those looking to solve an issue, but not in need of a full plan. Ask me specific sleep questions!

  • Why does your baby awaken before 6 am?
  • How do you lengthen naps?
  • How to get your child to like their crib?
  • How do you get your child to stay in their room at night?

I will give you specific tips and tools to get sleep on track based on your goals and your family's needs. 

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Baby Sleep Package $299

with Dr. Aubrie

A comprehensive sleep success package that includes one of the Baby Sleep Dr. age-based digital guides, two 30-minute zoom calls with Dr. Aubrie, and email support as needed.  It includes the following:

  • A detailed sleep guide with age-appropriate, step-by-step sleep advice (your choice of the Newborn Sleep BFF Guide 0-3M, the Mastering Baby Sleep 101 Guide 4-18M, the Ultimate Baby Sleep Bundle Guide 0-18M, or the Rocking Toddler Sleep Together Guide 18M-3Y)
  • Tools & guidance to change unhelpful sleep associations
  • Example ideal routines and schedules 
  • Additional tools for continued success & troubleshooting
  • A kick-off 30-minute zoom call with Dr. Aubrie to dive into goals, issues, and personalized recommendations for implementing the guide you have chosen
  • A second 30-minute zoom call with Dr. Aubrie to be used how you prefer (ex: before starting your sleep guide to help with implementation OR anytime along the way to troubleshoot any future sleep issues that pop up).

**Guides do not incorporate bed-sharing. A room-sharing option is incorporated. This does not include a custom guide**

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15-Minute Check-In Call

For clients & customers only

Perfect for customers and clients looking to get a quick face-to-face with Dr. Aubrie in order to:

  • Get advice on implementing the tools in one of the Baby Sleep Dr. downloadable guides
  • Ask questions or get clarification on the tools inside any of the Baby Sleep Dr. downloadable guides
  • Get help troubleshooting after implementing the tools in any of the Baby Sleep Dr. downloadable guides or custom plans
  • Get a refresher or help to solve an issue anytime after purchasing a Baby Sleep Dr. downloadable guide or custom plan


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1-On-1 Support Bundle $175

zoom calls + email support
Save 10% on support when you bundle! This support package can be used as a complement to any Baby Sleep Dr. guide OR can be purchased separately to tackle one-off sleep issues your family is struggling with! It includes:
  • Two (2) 30-minute zoom calls with Dr. Aubrie to be booked anytime you feel you need support
  • Email support for faster communication and troubleshooting

*Emails will be answered within 24-hours


Let's Talk Success, Baby! 

Dr. Aubrie is amazing! She made me feel extremely supported and created the perfect plan for my daughter. Sleep training made me very nervous, but I am SO glad I trusted Dr. Aubrie. She truly knows exactly what she is doing. We are 5 days in and my daughter is sleeping all night, putting herself to sleep, and even putting herself back to sleep after short naps! AMAZING! If you’re thinking about it...DO IT! Dr. Aubrie will prepare and support you!

- Byanka H.

Dr. Aubrie is WONDERFUL. She knew exactly how to support my family during a big transition in our lives; welcoming a new baby and moving our toddler into a new room and new crib. We were challenged with our toddler (21 months) waking early and confused about how to transition him into a new room. We questioned if we should put him in a big bed or keep him in the crib. Dr. Aubrie directed us with confident advice that gave our family hope and peace of mind. Her advice worked, and now our house is sleeping in past 6 AM! Thank you so much. 

- Lyndsay H. 

I highly recommend using Dr. DeBear for teaching healthy sleep habits! She is incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to customize our sleep plan to meet my family's needs. Whenever I had a question she had thorough, customized & thoughtful answer that made me feel reassured & hopeful that we were on the right track. After working with her my entire family is sleeping so much better. I cannot thank her enough for the incredible gift of a restful sleep for all of us!

- Deidre L. 

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