Baby Naps 911

The ultimate guide for turning your baby into a rockstar napper

A comprehensive guide for troubleshooting naps for babies (ages 6-18 months)


Naptime killing you? 

Baby naps are one of the hardest things to master, but with the right tools and lots of practice, you'll score some big wins. 

Did you know that naps are actually one of the last parts of baby sleep that come together? Once you've mastered night sleep, you're on your way to awesome naps - BUT sometimes it takes knowing the right processes to be successful. 

Wondering if the Baby Nap 911 Guide is right for you? ​

  • is your baby between 6-18 months old?
  • does your baby already fall asleep for bedtime entirely independently? (this means no paci, feeding to sleep, rocking, etc.)
  • does your baby already sleep long stretches at night? (9-12 hours)
  • have you already sleep trained your baby, but are having a hard time mastering the techniques in the day?
  • are you just looking for help troubleshooting and lengthening naps or connecting sleep cycles?

If you answered yes to the above, then this guide is the perfect resource to help your baby become a nap master! Baby Nap 911 will walk you step-by-step through how to solve the most common nap issues from beginning to end, so you can take care of the things you need to during that day without that anxious "when will they wake?!" feeling...

Daytime sleep is essential for growth and development and you've come to the right place to get naps on the right track!


This download is the

ultimate guide

if you want to:

  • Learn how to help your baby connect sleep cycles to lengthen short naps
  • Gain specific step-by-step tools & tips to help your baby fall asleep for naps independently
  • View all important wake window and nap transitions for your baby through 18 months
  • Learn the best ways to transition your baby down from naps as they grow and develop
  • Have a concrete troubleshooting resource to refer back to as various sleep issues and developmental milestones pop up.

Say bye to the 30-minute nap

8 bite-sized sections with simple takeaways you can use today

Each section contains specific, practical education and instruction, simple visuals you can screenshot to save on your phone, and a key-takeaways roundup at the end of each section to remind you of the most important points! Dive into a sneak peek of everything covered in the Baby Sleep 911 Guide:


Why wait when this nap time guide sets you up with:

  • Gentle tactics that can help your baby learn valuable sleep skills to optimize daytime sleep
  • Comprehensive info that helps you get your days back & baby sleeping longer and better
  • Lifetime access to convenient digital content you can read at your own pace.
  • Easy-to-digest info that's practical and can be used right away & works better the more you practice!
  • Expert product recommendations that assist you in achieving your baby sleep goals.

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