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Is your child getting enough sleep?

Sleep is critical to healthy cognitive and physical development in children. I offer comprehensive downloadable sleep guides and support that help your child sleep better and longer. These sleep guides create healthy sleep habits for children ages 0-3 years old so that the whole family can sleep easily and wake rested to conquer the day!


What is sleep training?

Sleep training creates or develops independent sleep habits for your child. Whether you are working to eliminate a sleep association (like a pacifier), drop the last nap, instill healthy habits for your newborn, or get help figuring out what the sleep issue is, my programs give you step-by-step guidance and necessary tools to get your child sleeping completely independently so that you can get your nights back. 


Whether you're a new sleep-deprived parent with a newborn or a seasoned parent with just a single sleep issue to troubleshoot for your toddler - my sleep guidance options have you covered! I offer step-by-step downloadable courses, plus office hour webinars for even more support! Click below to learn more. 


Sleep Training Facts

  • You can't sleep train a baby under 4 months
  • Crying will not harm your baby
  • Sleep supports brain & physical  development
  • When baby sleeps well, family well-being improves

Sleep Training Myths

  • Sleep is natural & can't be taught
  • Babies will dictate their own sleep schedules
  • Children will outgrow poor sleep habits
  • It's stressful & will affect parent-child attachment

Nice to meet you!

Aubrie DeBear, Psy.D.

I'm a pediatric sleep consultant, doctor of clinical & forensic psychology, and most importantly, a mom of two amazing little nuggets! As a sleep consultant, I love working with families to encourage health and wellness in order to provide the most successful foundation for children. Sleep is the key to wellbeing and your wellbeing is important to me. 


Covered from bump to baby... 

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Still pregnant or have a newborn under 4 months old? My downloadable newborn sleep guide is extensive and helps you and your baby learn healthy sleep habits from the start. Have a child older than 4-months? Download my baby or toddler sleep training guide, full of comprehensive information up to 3 years old. Looking for support from birth through sleep training? SAVE big with my Ultimate Baby Sleep Bundle for babies 0-18 months. Click below to view my sleep offerings!


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Child Sleep Offerings

Comprehensive digital downloads that help you transform sleep for children 0-3 years old

Your Newborn Sleep BFF

0 - 3 months sleep guide

​A detailed downloadable PDF guide with everything you need in order to create great sleep habits for your baby from day one. They include:

  • Education on the basics of baby sleep
  • Examples schedules, routines, goals, and transitions
  • Recommended sleep products
  • Tools to meet baby's needs without creating habits you'll later need to break
  • Troubleshooting guidance as issues or developmental milestones arise



Mastering Baby Sleep 101

4-18 mo sleep training guide

​A comprehensive downloadable PDF guide with everything you need to help your baby become an independent sleeper, no matter where you are in the process.

  • Education on baby sleep basics
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get your child to sleep independently (fall & get back to sleep on their own)
  • Tools to handle changing sleep transitions
  • How to avoid or remove unhelpful sleep props
  • How to handle night feeds, wakings, and weaning
  • Example ideal schedules and routines
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

Ultimate Baby Sleep Bundle Guide

SAVE 20% when you bundle!

This all-in-one baby sleep bundle guide helps your baby become an independent sleeper over time, with guidance for babies 0-18 months. It includes the Newborn Sleep BFF guide (0-3M) AND the Mastering Baby Sleep 101 guide (4-18M) in one easy-to-digest, convenient digital download.

  • Basics of newborn sleep to lay a healthy foundation before being able to sleep train at 4 months 
  • Two step-by-step sleep training plans to choose from ( for 4 months+)
  • In-depth nap training flow charts 
  • Example ideal schedules and routines
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

Rocking Toddler Sleep Together

18 mo - 3 yrs sleep training guide

A comprehensive downloadable PDF guide with everything you need to help your toddler (18 months - 3 years) become an independent sleeper, no matter where you are in the process.

  • Step-by-step sleep training instructions on how to help your child to sleep independently 
  • Tools to handle changing sleep transitions like removing naps & transitioning to a bed
  • Removing unhelpful sleep associations & weaning feeds
  • How to handle toddler bedtime battles: stalling, separation anxiety, leaving the crib or room, and night wakings
  • Success and troubleshooting tips

Let's Talk Success, Baby!

Dr. Aubrie is amazing! She made me feel extremely supported and created the perfect plan for my daughter. Sleep training made me very nervous, but I am SO glad I trusted Dr. Aubrie. She truly knows exactly what she is doing. We are 5 days in and my daughter is sleeping all night, putting herself to sleep, and even putting herself back to sleep after short naps! AMAZING! If you’re thinking about it...DO IT! Dr. Aubrie will prepare and support you!

- Byanka H.

After struggling to get our little one to sleep between 6-8w without our help, I was desperate to find information on sleep methods safe for a newborn. I’m so glad I found the Newborn Sleep Guide from Dr. Aubrie as it has truly helped us turn a corner in less than 1 week! The guide has provided us with useful information and methods to help us all get more sleep and has allowed us to start implementing healthy sleep habits early on. Our daughter is now put down awake and is able to put herself to sleep at 9wo. I would definitely recommend! 

- Chanelle H.

My husband got the baby guide when our baby was only around 4 weeks old. However, I started reading it and did not start using it until the baby was 10 weeks old for a variety of reasons ( I was very skeptical). After all, it was just 10 weeks of no sleeping, no peace and a fuzzy baby. I do know that our baby was colicky and she had a lot of tummy issues. (Allergies to lactose). However, I noticed that once we got her stomach issues under control, the baby started to beg for the breast to go to sleep or she would want us to carry her until she felt sleep. In the first weeks that’s fine, but babies get heavy and bad props are a thing. I do know that at the beginning we had to do everything to comfort the baby and with everything else happening I felt that it was going to last for a really long time. However, I decided to revisit the guide and it’s insane how this guide taught me how to deal with my baby. I started following all the guidance and advice and on day 2 baby slept the entire night. I could not believe it. The key for this guide to work is consistency and patience. The baby will cry for a little bit, but I feel like it’s worst to hear a baby crying way more for the lack of rocking or not having the breast there. People worry about 4-week regression and things like that when I think the key is to set a good sleep foundation and that is what the guide teaches you.

Luzvic B

Why All The Fuss About Sleep?

Children require healthy sleep habits in order to achieve proper cognitive and physical growth and development. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation in children can lead to the following issues: 

  • attention or behavior problems
  • poor mental health
  • obesity
  • type 2 diabetes
  •  increased injuries

Serious Sleep Facts

Sleep deprivation is a dangerous & persistent issue
  • Less than 10 hrs of nighttime sleep in the first 3 years of life can have lasting consequences throughout childhood
  • 20% of kids with problematic sleep are misdiagnosed with ADHD
  • 20-40% of infants & toddlers have sleep problems that disrupt the lives of their families
  • The majority of sleep problems in infants & young children are behavioral, not physiological (aka bad habits)
  • Babies physically comforted to sleep (rocked, fed, held) over an extended amount of time can have persistent sleep problems compared to independent sleepers
  • Adding as little as 27 minutes of sleep per night can help kids manage their mood & impulses
  • Fatigue is a responsible factor for increased depression symptoms in 59% of moms

How Many Hours Is Enough Sleep? 

The amount of sleep required for children changes by age. How many hours of sleep your child should be getting each day?

0-3 months: 14-17 hours 

4-11 months: 12-15 hours 

1-2 years: 11-14 hours 

3-5 years: 10-13 hours 

6-13 years: 9-11 hours 

Don't miss out on your beauty sleep...

You and your child deserve to be well-rested, healthy, and happy. Explore my age-based sleep resources and get your child sleeping the best they can - for their health and development, and yours!


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